Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Okay, so he was serious about running club.  They ordinarily meet after school, but it looks like they're going to do some weekend events here and there.  His participation will be very TBD, depending on his soccer game schedule.  With him playing soccer four or five days a week, and running two, I'm a little concerned about the toll it's going to start taking on his little body (paranoid soccer mom <-----------).  Really don't want him injured or burned out three years before he ever even makes it to high school :)

Anyway, these are the events currently scheduled:

Saturday, September 22 8:40 am - Malone Invitational (1,000 meters)

Saturday, September 29 8:00 am - Stark County Meet - GlenOak High School

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Strategery . . .

Brendan was entertaining me last night with his tale of how he's managing the limited time between classes in Middle School.  He has a locker with a combination, and it's taken him a little while to get the hang of it.  After he gets his morning books out of his locker, apparently he does the first two numbers of the combination and stops the dial just a few numbers past the second digit.  So, when he comes back to switch books before he heads downstairs for the afternoon, all he has to do is flip it to the third number in the combination and open the door.  Clever little thing.

Also, he wants us to let him do running club.  Because he was too light on the extracurricular activities :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fall Soccer Schedule

So, this year our soccer organization (Canton United Soccer Club) has created a Junior Academy for little guys like Nate.  It's an instructional team, so they won't be playing any competitive games, but I imagine they'll do something similar to the Y-league where they spent half of their weekly practices learning skills and the other half doing scrimmages against one another.  So, if you're interested in attending, that will take place on Wednesdays from 6-7:15 at the Macedonian Orthodox Church on Massillon Rd., just north of the airport.  This club is a little particular about parents not being close to the practice fields during practice, but it might be different for the Junior Academy.

In other news, we have a game schedule for Brendan!  All games at Lodi outdoor fields, unless I tell you otherwise.

September 8, 2012 - vs. Whitecaps Teal - 10:15 am - Field 16

September 15, 2012 - Double header.  First game vs. Liberty FC Red - 3:15 pm - Field 20.  Second game vs. Ambassadors - 4:30 pm - Field 1.

September 29, 2012 - vs. CSA Impact Red - 2:00 pm - Field 6.

October 6, 2012 - vs. Everest - 2:00 pm - Field 16 (Note:  I don't think we'll be at this game, since it's the same day that my wonderful brother-in-law Robb will finally make the lovely Megan a new Mrs. Bickis :))

October 13, 2012 - vs. NEO - 12:45 pm - Field 22

October 20, 2012 - CASA Playoffs.  We'll pretty much be there all day.  Don't know the specific game schedule yet, and probably won't for a long time.

Monday, August 13, 2012


So, uh, to anyone who didn't believe me when I said I wouldn't be posting much this summer, told ya so?  :)

This week I am grateful for:

- Watermelon
- My children being home from North Carolina; and
- The Columbus tournament being cancelled.

Not necessarily in that order.

This week is pretty much back to reality.  Tonight Mike has some meeting in Louisville to rush off to, tomorrow is Brendan's orientation for Middle School (yeah, I said that.  MIDDLE SCHOOL), and Thursday is the open house at Nathan's school.  Next week both boys go back to school and soccer practice resumes.  Oy.

For anyone who thinks that raising boys is easier than girls?  Yesterday we spent four hours shopping for shoes and came home with exactly one pair per child. Then we had to go to two stores to find a pencil box in the exact dimensions dictated by Nate's first grade teacher.  He's thrilled beyond words to find out that he'll be  in a class with his friend Holden, who was with him in both preschool and Kindergarten, plus not one, but both Jaydens, at least one of whom is in his cub scout pack.

This weekend we'll be doing an outing with scouts where we ride our bikes on the towpath up in summit county, and a lovely train meets us and brings us and our bikes back to the Winking Lizard to eat wings and drink beer.