Friday, February 8, 2013

Just another one of his masterful disguises

In his lifelong quest to conceal his true superhero nature from the world, today Nathan adopted the clever disguise of a mad scientist/nerd.

It looks just a little bit like he's
picking his nose here, doesn't it?

This morning when we woke up, he told us that his school was having a themed dress-up day.  When I asked him what he was supposed to dress up as, he said "A nerd.  Or maybe a mad scientist"  Ooooookay.  I'll get right on that.  So, we took a pair of his glasses and put some masking tape over the bridge, Daddy donated one of his old dress shirts as a lab coat, and Brendan wrote some "sciency stuff" on that notepad he's holding.  Not bad for fifteen minutes' warning, eh?

There was an attempt at making his hair spiky, but a) it's a little long for that and b) somehow one of the children managed to break my hair drier, so we had an emergency re-wash in the shower and he'll have to be an ordinary straight-haired scientist.

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