Tuesday, July 23, 2013

So . . .

I bet you thought I fell off the face of the earth, huh?

I've just been . . . busy.  Despite the fact that I got a new job (Oh, did I tell you that I got a new job?  It's awesome.) that involves way, WAY fewer hours, somehow I still don't have any free time.  It's like a time sponge has come and sucked it dry.  Every once in awhile I can sneak away for Yoga at the Y for a few hours, but mostly it's laundry and cleaning and trying not to have a nervous breakdown because one of my ill-behaved dogs just stole one more blessed thing from the countertop or table.  In fact, I'm hoarse right this very minute from unleashing a lengthy tirade on one totally deserving mutt.

The kids are awesome.  Brendan went to soccer camp at the University of Akron and had a great time.  He came home with a glowing evaluation, and is just really impressing me with his athleticism these days.  He's also impressing me with his ability to eat enough food to keep a small army's blood sugar in an ideal range.  He followed that up with a week at Boy Scout camp, where for the first time, his troop camped out in the rustic portion of camp known as "Outpost."*  They planned for and cooked every meal for seven days themselves, got filthy, and had a great time.  Mike was there over our anniversary and the cell phone reception is so bad that I didn't even get a phone call.  He's lucky I'm low maintenance :)  After that, he and Nate both did Kids College for a couple of weeks.  He did not so much enjoy the Classy Candy Holders class I signed him up for (in my defense, I thought it was Classy Candle Holders - doesn't that make all the difference?) but really liked the creepy crawly creatures class. 

Both kids are having a blast at another camp this summer:

You would think there would be a third picture
in this series, but apparently you'd be wrong.

Nathan also went and turned seven, completely without my permission. He's so tall and lanky all of a sudden, but still adorable. He had a party with his friends at sluggers and putters. The little boy gang spent most of the afternoon soaking teenage girls in bumper boats. They're going to regret that in a few years :)

Nate and Papa did cub scout day camp.  Natey brought home beads for scoring bulls-eyes in not only archery, but BB guns, as well!  I remmeber the first year B went to day camp and being mortified that they were putting BB guns in seven year-olds' hands.  With kid #2, I'm all "Meh.  He's got good aim."  And there, my friends, is my acceptance speech for the Mother of the Year award.  After that he spent a lovely weekend with the Bickis grandparents going to bible school. 

Now we have the CD of all the songs at home and are treated to a weekly dramatic interpretation of all of his favorites.  While the big boys were at boy scout camp, Natey and I went to West Virginia for a short little getaway with some people we don't get to see enough of.

We also had a chance to go see the US Men's National Soccer team play in Cleveland in May.  They lost, but the kids had a blast anyway.

We finally got the boat out on the lake for the season, and we've been making good use of it.  A couple of weeks ago, we had a totally disastrous boating outing, that was saved only by a surprise Murphy family sighting at the launch as we were leaving :)  Baby Luke is getting SO big I can hardly believe it!

Let's see, what else?  Oh.  Brendan is working on his Cycling badge for scouts this summer.  He has to do 2 10-mile, 2 15-mile, 2 20-mile, and 1 50-mile bike rides.  So far we've done the 10s and one 15.  We biked all the way from Barberton to downtown Akron.  It was pretty cool.  Part of the trail goes over a floating bridge on Summit Lake.  We saw all sorts of wildlife, incluing a blue heron rookery, complete with dozens of so-ugly-they're-cute babies.

And finally, a cute picture of Nate At the Beach, just because:

Soccer's starting back up in mid/late August.  Nate is going to do fall soccer with the Y-league, so I'll post that when it happens.  Until then, just pore over the cuteness :)

*At Girl Scout camp, in contrast, Outpost is actually one of the nicest units in the whole place.  I find the juxtaposition amusing.