Thursday, December 18, 2014

This weekend (12/19/14)

Sorry that I've been so lax about updating here.  Things are completely insane at our house these days.  But I have great news!  Nathan is playing two HOME hockey games this weekend!  He has a game Saturday at 5:50 pm and one Sunday at 10:00 am, both at Center Ice.  He is really excited to be asked to play with the other team.  It's super cheap entertainment, so hope to see you there!

No soccer, but Bren had his first meting last night for HIGH SCHOOL SOCCER.  Nope, not possible that my sweet child, who was just born last week, is going to be in high school in a few months.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

schedule change

This is largely a placeholder post to let everyone know that Nate's hockey schedule had been modified.  All of the games I posted before are now "maybes." He might still be playing insome of thise games if the team isshort pkayers but they had so many kids interestedin playing that they createda whole new team so that the boys could haveas much playing time as possible.  A good problem to have, I think!  The new team comes with a whole new schedule, of course.   I have to get it from Mike before I can post it here.

Also the game that I had Brendan playing tonight was actually this past Friday.  I apologize for the miscommunication, but I was working from an incorrect calendar.  I'll update the rest  as soon as I have a chance.