Monday, February 13, 2012

CSU Tournament details

This weekend is the CSU tournament. I don't know if anyone is planning on attending, but if you are, here is some helpful information forwarded to me by our Team Manager:

1. The dome we are playing at is COLD. Another Team Manager informed me that her son wore a hat, gloves and some kind of shirt under the jersey. So with that being said, we as parents will need to bring stadium blankets for ourselves.

2. Seating. The other Team Manager also said to bring your bag chairs because there is limited seating.

3. Not sure if there are any concessions there. Plan ahead.

4. Parking. Please read the following message from CASA:

To Cleveland Indoor Classic participants:.
For tournament games at CSU you are urged to park in the Central Garagelocated on Chester with entrances on 19th Street and 21st Street. The 19th Streetentrance is located directly across from the walkway between the dome andbleachers. Go to for theCSU map. You simply exit the garage at the 19th Street exit, walkdirectly across Chester along the east side of the dome to the entrance.
If you park in the garage, CSU offers security. Because it's CSU propertyThey can limit foot traffic through the structure as well as having video andoccasional patrols. CSU Security offers safety escorts by calling216.687.2020. Be prepared to wait a few minutes for them to get to you if you choose this option.
The cost of the parking is $6 per entry and is available all day Saturday and Sunday. The structure is surveilled 24/7.If you choose to park on the street, we are told that Chester is saferbecause its contained in the CSU campus. While CSU has no jurisdiction on thestreets, the area is better lit with more frequent foot traffic. As a precaution,always put all valuables out of view, particularly GPSs, iPods, computersor computer bags, including GPS mounts or electronics cords. It is bestto take those items with you, put them in your trunk or simply don'tbring any unnecessary valuables.
We have a security person who patrols around the Dome for us but hisjurisdiction is limited to CSU grounds. Anything he encounters in the street will be relayed to Cleveland Police.
Parking in the small gated lot on the side of the building is restricted. Only CSU and tournament staff, referees and coaches will be allowed to park here. Parking passes may be obtained at registration.

We're currently scheduled to play three games that day. Our first game is at 7:35, and we have to be there at 6:50 for warm-up, so we're planning to spend the night before downtown.


7:35 - vs. the Internationals, Dome 4, Field 1.

9:55 - Dome 4, Field 4.

12:50 - vs. Whitecaps, Dome 4, Field 1.


Hope they do well! It's a young team, and they're all just starting to get used to playing with one another.

Also, I have photos from Brendan's game over the weekend. Will try to post those later.

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