Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mardi Gras

We pretty much take every opportunity to celebrate something fun, so every year we have a kid-friendly mardi gras party.  Usually it's a little more elaborate, but this year we only had an hour before we had to go to soccer, so we worked with what we had :)

My Bug.

My all of a sudden gigantic grown-up child.

Ignore the wrinkly tablecloth.

Instead, focus on the adorabless.  Or the delicious gumbo that I made.  Whichever, really.

Too many masks, not enough people to wear them.

Nathan, making his prediction about which piece of cake had the gumball.  We didn't have a baby jesus handy, and 1) I'm always a little worried about the kids choking on it or breaking a tooth and 2) isn't that a little weird?  In our house, if you find the gumball (jelly bean, random dried navy bean that Mama found in the cupboard, etc), you're King for the day and get to choose which TV show to watch before bed.

Brendan's turn to predict.

Guess who was right?  And also, guess who sweetly gave his little brother the gumball so he'd stop crying?

They're both pretty awesome.  I think we'll keep them.

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