Thursday, June 7, 2012

This weekend (6/9)

Sorry I haven't posted in forever.  Life has . . . gotten in the way.  I'm working an insane amount of hours, and things are just crazy.

At any rate, this weekend should be an exciting one!   I'll throw out a plug for the Canton Blues Festival (  We go every year.  Usually it falls closer to our anniversary and we go make a fun date of it.  This year we're just going to have to try to cram it in on our usual Friday night date night.  I'm also crossing my fingers and hoping that our favorite restaurant, the Canton Club, is open.

So, Saturday, we have a time conflict with the boys' soccer games.  Nathan's last game of the season is going to be Saturday morning at 9:30, field 2.  Afterward, they're going to give out participation certificates and I think have a little celebration with a bounce house in the Middle School gym.

Unfortunately, Brendan has a game in Lodi at 9:00, too.  He has to be there by 8:30 for warmup, and the game will last until 10-ish, so there's really no hope of catching any portion of Nate's game.  Boo!  It may or may not be his last game of the spring season.  He has another one scheduled for 6/23, which I think is the day they're coming back from scout camp, so I don't know if he's going to make it.  Mike is hopeful.  I'm dubious.

In other news, we now have a Middle Schooler and a First Grader!  Can you believe it?  Neither can we!  The boys' last day of school was yesterday.  The cub scout pack planned a super fun celebration at Sluggers and Putters in Canal Fulton.  It was such a blast!  The boys rode the bumper boats and got soaked.  Nate rode the bumper cars three times in a row and didn't throw up!  He also cheated ridiculously at mini golf, and accidentally lost his ball in a decorative fire hydrant.  Ooops!  We capped the night off with a trip to Menchie's for Last Day of School ice cream, per our family tradition.  The kids were soaking wet, the night was chilly, and the ice cream didn't help.  Here's a very dark and blurry camera phone picture of Nathan enjoying his ridiculous concoction:

This summer they both have an action-packed schedule.  Nate is spending most of the summer at a YMCA camp that's not far from our house.  One week he's going to bible school at St. Stephen's, one week he's going to cub scout day camp, and one week they're both going to the beach with Papa.   Brendan's schedule is a little more complicated.  He's spending one week at boy scout camp, one week at the University of Akron's soccer camp, three weeks at Stark State's Kids College, one week at the beach, and the rest of the summer at Y-camp like Natey.  Am I forgetting anything?  Probably.  Remember that old PSA, "It's five o'clock, do you know where your child is?"  Well, around here, the answer is sometimes "No, not really."

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