Monday, November 19, 2012

So productive!

Saturday morning we raked leaves at the church with the cub scouts.  Finished up around noon, grabbed lunch, went to Lowe's to buy new toilet for our bathroom.  Tempted by all the shiny new cabinets to completely start over in that bathroom; thwarted by practical husband. 

Saturday afternoon, we all bundled up in hundreds of layers to go down to scout camp for a Thanksgiving feast in the woods, hosted by Bren's boy scout troop.  When we got there, we discovered that it was an indoor dinner.  In a cabin, in the woods.  It was lovely and comfortable but all of our survival preparations turned out to be totally unnecessary :)  We had a fantastic time.   It took a little longer than planned for the turkeys to cook, so Mr. Wulff decreed that we have dessert first.  There were a bunch of very happy little boys!  Unfortunately, with so many people around, some of the kids were going largely unsupervised by their parents.  I stopped one child after his fifth piece of pie, each of them piled three inches high with whipped cream.  I asked him to please try not to throw up on anyone in his tent that night.  We ate, we visited, and we went home, leaving Brendan there.  Nathan was mightily disappointed that we weren't staying the night.  Next time we'll have to pack sleeping bags :)

Sunday morning I went and did the Thanksgiving dinner grocery shopping.  Oy was that place a zoo.  Then, as soon as Bren got home, we packed on the layers again and headed up to Akron to see the NCAA soccer tournament game.  It was a nail-biter!  Akron dominated possession of the ball throughout most of the game, but Michigan's defense was really keeping them from being effective at scoring.  Finally, Eric (Brendan's coach from the summer soccer camp) scored a goal just before the end of the first half!  It was followed by a second just after the beginning of the second half.  Unfortunately, Michigan came back and scored a goal of their own, and for a little while, even though they were playing with a man down, it looked like they might be able to do it again.  Luckily, the Zips held them off and pulled out a win!  Glad we got to see it.

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