Wednesday, March 6, 2013

More tournaments!

Don't forget!  This weekend is the CASA Cleveland Indoor Classic tournament.  Brendan's games are all Saturday, between 3pm and 8:30 pm at Krenzler Field, on the campus of CSU.  It should be exciting and interesting!  They've shaken things up a bit by shuffling players between the two twelve year-old teams.  Some of the kids Bren's never played with before, so we'll see how that all shakes out.  As an added bonus, according to Mike, Coach Joe will be coaching our team this weekend.  He's loud and hilarious.  I always know there's a 0% chance of practice being boring when it's run by Joe.  For instance, he doesn't know any of the kids' names.  One time, during a game, he yelled "Hey!  You, in the blue shorts!"  Look at this picture, and tell me what you think might be ambiguous about that statement:

Well, I guess he's not talking to Kevin!

Also, our team manager told us about two more tournaments coming up over the next few months.  So, for advance planning purposes, here's the info:

Northern Ohio Cup - April 20-21, Lodi (outdoors!).  Should be fun.  And cold.  And probably wet.  Plan ahead, because this is the one last year where there were somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 teams, all playing on the same 30 fields.  It's a traffic nightmare, but pretty exciting for the kids.

Hudson Spring Kickoff - April 27-28.  Back-to-back weekend tournaments!  At least they're both local.  I don't know where it'll be, but I sure hope it's not the Hudson fields we've played at before.  They're a muddy mess in the spring, and there's no parking to speak of. 

Sometimes I wonder which extraccurricular activity makes Brendan tougher:  Soccer or Boy Scouts?  It's kind of a toss-up.

Anyway, I think that we're pretty much done with regular season play until early/mid April.  I think all of our regular season indoor games are over.  Just this one last tournament, and then the two spring tournaments start!  And do you know what comes after Spring ends?  An entire month of no soccer in July.  It's going to be heavenly.

Also as general points of interest, Canton United has a new website:

Also, they just recently got a nice write-up in the Canton Repository:

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