Tuesday, October 22, 2013

CASA Soccer Tournament this weekend!

Soccer Tournament 10/26-10/27

This weekend is the end-of-season tournament! They’re currently scheduled for three games. If they do well, there might be more added. I’m not really sure how it works exactly. So, the three games we know about right now:

10:15 AM vs. Cleveland United – Field 15 2:00 PM vs Ft. Wayne United – Field 13

Sunday: 9:00 AM vs. Cleveland Galaxy – Field 12
PLEASE NOTE that the fields are numbered differently than usual for the tournament. I have a PDF map that I’m going to try to attach here for everyone. But, generally speaking, Fields 12 and 13 are right next to the indoor facility, and 15 is the first field on the corner of the back lot section.

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