Thursday, December 19, 2013

This Weekend (12/20)

No soccer game on Friday, which is good, because both boys have a late-night lock-in for Scouts.  Brendan is a Den Chief for the Tiger Cubs, which is sort of like a junior assistant leader position, so he needs to go and help wrangle first graders.  He's certainly learning to appreciate just how difficult it is to herd the little ones!  Each den made a boat from cardboard and duct tape and they're going to race them in the indoor pool, which should be amazingly hilarious.  Nathan has been nominated to paddle his den's boat (with one other kid) because he weighs the least of all of the kids in his age group, lol!

There is, however, a game on Sunday:

Sunday, December 22 - 1:00 p.m. vs. Lake Blue

Come if you can.

In other news, Brendan was also recently elected Patrol Leader of his patrol in Scouts, which means that in addition to chasing itty bitties, he's also got to get kids his own age (and older) to listen to him.  He needs a certain number of months in leadership positions in order to earn his next rank, and between the two, he'll have plenty :)  They're planning a super cool campout in January where they'll get to paddle in an underground river and sleep in a cave.

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