Friday, February 6, 2015

This weekend (2/6/15)

Oh, boy!  So, this morning I was chatting with Brendan before I left for work.  He is getting ready to sign up for HIGH SCHOOL CLASSES.  I'll just pause a minute and let that sink in.  Go ahead, commence freaking out.  I have been for about six months now.  Anyway, I made the grand pronouncement that we have, like, nothing going on this weekend!  So we can sit down and figure out his schedule!  No problem!

Except that as I started listing off the "only" things we have going on this weekend, I realized it's not quite as boring as I thought it would be.

Friday:  Nate - Hockey practice 5:50 pm at Center Ice.  Brendan - Soccer game - 8:00 pm at the Dome.  Lucky for us they're only about a mile apart.

Saturday:  Nothing?  I sort of hesitate to even say that, because I'm sure I'm forgetting something.  So, the usual exciting circuit of grocery store, Sam's, various and assorted chores, laundry, etc.

Sunday:  Mike and Brendan - 7:00 am Scout Sunday at the church.  They'll be serving up fluffy, delicious pancakes as part of a service project that the Troop/Pack host every year to thank the church for allowing us to have the run of the place.  9:00 am - Nathan MIGHT have a hockey game at center ice.  The white team is playing, and more often than not, they ask him to play with them, but we never know until the last minute.  They're hockey guys, not planners.  So, check with me before you head to the rink?  12:00 pm - Happy Birthday to Robb!  And hopefully getting my hands on some cute babies.

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