Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sometimes it is so hard being me.

I got an email about a month ago from Brendan's school saying that they were going to offer a special extended deadline to order yearbooks until April 15.  This would be the "no, seriously" deadline, because the original one was back in January.  I kept making mental notes to really, really do it this year, instead of the annual ritual of completely blowing the deadline and then frantically trying to secure one of the handful of "extras" that they buy for parents like me, but which are only available on a first-come, first-served basis. I like to call them the Irresponsible Mom edition.  Very highly sought on Ebay.

So this year I was going to DO it!  We were going to order it ahead of time!  I was going to be RESPONSIBLE.

As late as yesterday, I was still purposely leaving the weekly school announcement email marked as "unread" in my inbox, as a reminder to just order the stupid thing, already.  This morning, to my horror, I checked my email and saw that email, all bright and shiny and mocking my total and utter lack of responsibility.  I frantically opened it, and clicked the link, thinking they might've built in an 8-hour window for procrastinators just like me.  No dice.  "Unavailable for purchase."  But wait!  There's also a 1-800 number!  I called it, fully prepared to beg and plead, and generally do whatever was necessary to order a stupid yearbook.

A very nice young man answered, and I gushed out my sob story immediately.  He looked up Brendan's name and said "Um, you already ordered one.  In October."

And that, my friends, is pretty much the story of my life, as illustrated by one five-minute window.

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