Monday, September 28, 2015

This week (9/28/15)

. . .  just sucks. That's all.


Hockey & soccer practice.


Mike and I signed up to work the concession stand, not realizing that Brendan doesn't even actually  have a game that night!  Argh.  That means we need someone to take Bug to hockey.  Anyone?


More soccer practice.  More hockey practice.

Also, fall sports bonfire.


Soccer game - maybe?  The schedule says they're playing away at Copley at 5:15.  But they already played Copley a month ago, in a game that was supposed to have been cancelled.  The away team's bus rolled up halfway through the boys' practice, so they played it.  So is this a leftover game from when it was supposed to be rescheduled?  Or a duplicate game just to round out our schedule?  I have no idea.


Soccer practice.

Hockey game!

8:40-9:40 pm - Home vs. Rocky River.  Sweet moses.  So glad it's at home, but really?  A game that late for nine year-olds?  Honestly.


Bren might have a game against Findlay.  He also might not have a game against Findlay.  Who knows?  If it takes place (like one of the two calendars indicates), it will be at 11:00 am at home.


Nathan hockey - 10 am - vs. Geauga - Home.

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