Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Stupid nature.

So, last night we arrived home to find the drain in the basement backed up.  You can imagine about how nice that smelled.  Mike tried to snake it, and only succeeded in breaking the drain snake about 40 feet down into the pipe.  We finally gave up, and intruded on my Dad's privacy in the middle of the night so we could wash off the funkiness.

A service came out this morning with a rooter-thing (yes, that's the technical term), and they fixed it rather quickly.  Turns out it was a tree root.  Excellent.  The bad news?  Those come back over and over again.  The good news?  The company offers a reminder service to come back out in two years for preventative maintenance.  After last night's debacle, I'm thinking yes. Although, I noticed last night that one of our neighbors had recently cut down a large tree in her front yard.  Maybe that's the better solution.  Also?  Fewer leaves to rake in the fall!

And, I was talking with Mike on the phone as the guy was packing up and in the background I hear Kiwi in the background, squawking the "we did it!" theme song from Dora.  I threatened to send her down the pipe next time there's a clog to dislodge it.  We should have offered the drain guy payment in green parrot. 

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