Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Are they made from Unicorns?

Good grief. As many of you know, Nate barely tolerates being clothed at any given minute during the day (or night, for that matter). For the most part, he'll only wear fleece or athletic pants, which means all of the beautiful corduroy and khaki pants and jeans we bought for Brendan and carefully packed away for Natey are pretty much good only as dust rags.

I recently discovered almost completely by accident a pair of jeans that he will deign to wear. They're denim, but have a soft, knit, stretchy waist with no button or zipper. I was lucky enough to score one pair from the clearance rack at Gymboree. When he went through a recent growth spurt (aka a "grossburg," TM Nate), Mike and I went in search of new pants. Because I'm kind of getting sick of seeing him wearing track pants all the time, I tried to see if we could get a few more pairs of the acceptable denim. Apparently they've added a dinosaur emblem and marked them right back up to their totally ridiculous full price.

I went back to the actual mall store over the weekend to see if any pairs were lingering on the clearance rack (got one! ), and encountered the most annoying and obnoxious group of people, all trying to cash in on their GymBucks (a promotion they use to get you back in the store a month later to spend more money). Nate patiently waited as we stood in a line that stretched all the way across the store, while every single person in line put their choices on the counter, then argued with the sales staff when it didn't reach the minimum purchase amount needed for the discount. They'd leave the pile on the counter and then wander through the store, trying to find a pair of socks, or tights, or a shirt, to make up the extra amount, leaving the rest of us to sigh impatiently in the stiflingly-hot store while we waited. It turns out that every single person in line was either really good at politely refraining from eavesdropping on the transaction in front of them or just really stupid, because as soon as they'd step up to the counter, we'd go through the same thing.

Eleventy hours later, we had one measly pair of pants. It's a good thing I love that kid.

Then, we went to Walmart and bought track pants in every color they had. *sigh*

p.s. No, I'm not forgetting about the pinewood derby. I need to get the camera from Mike to download the photos. I'll just tease and say it went really well!

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