Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pinewood Derby

Don't forget! 9am Saturday, at the church. The big boys go first, so Brendan's car should have its first run right at or shortly after 9.

The format will be different this year. For the finals they're just taking the fastest twelve cars from the whole pack, instead of from each den. And they're combining the same-age dens for the first stage (for instance, both Webelos II dens will be combined and all compete against one another). At least that's how I understand it. The end result is that the event will be appreciably shorter. Instead of lasting all day, it should be over by around 1pm.

We're brainstorming for bake sale ideas. Because of the shortened timeframe, I'm not sure cookies and sweets are the way to go. Although I guess nine year-old boys will have no trouble eating cookies at 10am, it makes me a little queasy. So I'm trying to think of something that's a little more breakfasty, but still portable. I'm still going to make some of these, because they're just too darn cute to pass up:

Can't wait to post pictures! Natey's car is all finished, too.

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  1. Sorry I missed the Pinewood Derby :( Luke and I had planned to attend, but I came down with nasty looking and contagious Shingles. Hopefully I will make it to a soccer game! We'll have to drop by some weekend to visit. Hope your cookies turned out as neat as the ones in the picture! Give the boys a big hug.