Tuesday, July 31, 2012

And so it begins . . .

The good news:  We got an even bigger reprieve than we expected!  Soccer practice doesn't begin until August 20.

The bad news:  They're not messing around.  Their first tournament is the Donatos Soccer Classic, in Columbus, August 25-26.  It's a stay-and-play tournament, so we're basically required to get a hotel room at one of their approved hotels, which is stupid, so I don't know exactly where we're staying yet.  If you have nothing better to do that weekend, feel free to drive on down to see Bren play.  Hopefully we'll get a better idea of the actual play schedule before then and I can tell you when his games are scheduled.

For more info:  http://soccer.sincsports.com/TTIntro3.aspx?tid=DONATO

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