Monday, July 2, 2012


So, we're about to embark on the best part of year, where there is no homework, sports, boy scouts, or cub scouts.  Or, as I like to call it, July. 

Seriously.  This is the only month all year long with no scheduled activities, requirements, dates planned months in advance, or obligations.  We're trying to soak it up and not get too used to it, because come August, it's right back to the usual grind.  This weekend we spent Saturday doing chores around the house, and I even got to take a much-needed nap while the kids watched far too much tv.  Sunday we spent the entire day at the lake.  We got too much sun, ate too much junk food, and drank too much lake water.  But you know what?  It was perfect.  I looked back at the kids laughing every time the tube hit a bump and couldn't help but think what a charmed life we live.  I could never ask for anything more.

So, while we're off living the dream, you'll probably not see much here.  I'll try to post some photos of the awesome times we're having, but everyone knows I really stink at that, so no promises.  Don't worry.  In a couple of weeks it'll be back to the usual hubbub of school and sports schedules.  In the meantime, there's always the telephone if you miss us :)

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