Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Red Solo Cup

God, that song is catchy-yet-annoying.

The Walsh thing was tons of fun!  According to Damien, there were 300 Canton United folks there.  I wonder if he uses the same crowd estimation tools as the National Park Services for protests on the Mall in DC?  It didn't really look like that many people to me, but who am I to argue? :)  A couple of the poor dads were stuck on grill duty the entire four/five hours, turning out enough burgers and hot dogs to feed a gazillion hungry adolescents and their parents.  Feel bad for them.  Some of the parents took the tailgate part really seriously and actually brought cups and alcohol.  I guess it's not a tailgate without booze?  Oh well, at least it was WAY more orderly than the nonsense at the Muni lot before Browns games.

Brendan's friend Tyler showed up with shockingly orange hair.  He played a game earlier that morning against Copley and wanted to show his team spirit.  His mom wasn't amused :)

Anyway, we ate, we drank, we overfilled trash cans.  The women won 1-0 and then came and hung out and ate with us.  The men were down 0-1 at the half against Ohio Dominican.  It was cold and starting to rain, so we scooted and I never found out if they won or not.

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