Thursday, September 13, 2012

This weekend (9/15)

Saturday, Brendan has two games:

Canton United vs. Liberty Red - 3:15 pm - Field 20


Canton United vs. Ambassadors - 4:30 pm - Field 1

We'll probably grab dinner afterward, if anyone's interested in joining us. 

Also on the agenda:

- Destinkify my dog Abbabella Louise.
- Maybe a re-do of my birthday party, but I'm inclined to reschedule for a time when Granddad's feeling better.
- Oil change.  Way overdue.  Way.
- Pack for Brendan's 6th grade camping trip next week with his class.  Natey will be an only child for a couple of days!
- Pack for Brendan's other camping trip next weekend with boy scouts.  Such a little social butterfly, that one.
- 8 gajillion other things I'm probably forgetting . . .  Being 34 is tough on the brain.

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