Thursday, May 14, 2015

This Weekend (5/15/15)

Technically, that is a lie.  This is actually a schedule for the entire week.  Honestly, there's not even any point in saying "hold on to your hats!" because it's just repetitive at this point.  We're in the home stretch, and our soccer coach is trying to kill us.

Friday, May 15

Brendan soccer - Apollo game.  time/location TBD

Saturday, May 16

10:00 am Nathan Lacrosse - Middle School

10:40 am Brendan Soccer vs. Erie Admirals - Lodi - Field 19

2:00 pm Brendan Soccer vs. Erie Admirals - Lodi - Field 7

6:30 pm - Nathan Birthday Party!

Sunday, May 17

Nate Hockey - 3:50 pm

Brendan soccer - Apollo game - time/local TBD

Monday, May 18

6:30 pm - Nathan Cub Scout Crossover Ceremony.  Our little bear is going to become a Webelo!  Time is going way, way too fast.

7:15 pm - Brendan Soccer - Lodi - Field 5.  Yeah, you read that right.  A weeknight game, and Mike and Bren are going to have to miss Natey's ceremony.  Suck.

Wednesday, May 20

My sweet, precious darling gets one year closer to double-digits.  Not ready.

Thursday, May 21

6:00 pm - Brendan Soccer vs. Liberty - Lodi Field 6.  Yep, read that one right, too.  A second weeknight game, and the day before they have to leave for a weekend tournament.  You can't even imagine the amount of Gatorade and laundry detergent we're going to go through.

Next weekend, over Memorial Day, Brendan has the aforementioned tournament.  Nate and I are staying home.  He has a lacrosse game versus Hoover, but I don't have a time yet.  Unfortunately, we are rapidly approaching the hoooooooooooooooooot portion of the season, in which Nathan melts like an ice chip on the hood of a black Camaro in July.  Not that I can blame him; with all of that gear, he has to be an uncomfortable, sweaty mess.  No wonder he prefers hockey.

Please keep checking back here and "refresh" this post because I'll update it as soon as I have the Apollo game info.  Just wanted to get the rest of it out there. [OMG, already had to update because I forgot about hockey.  Am idiot.  Send booze.]

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