Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekend Recap

It was just another crazy weekend in the Bickis household!  Saturday morning Brendan and Mike went to the church to sort flowers for the Troop's spring flower sale.  Nate had a lacrosse game shortly thereafter.  He played great defense, and had a great time.  Brendan and I went to the Humane Society for a quick volunteer stint, and again brought home 0 animals.  We were oh, so tempted though, but a pair of cute little puppies with fat bellies that looked like a miniature version of our older mutt.

We all met up at the movie theater for the Avengers Ultron movie, which we loved!  A few years ago, when we were watching one of the other movies in the theater, Nate, who is our resident expert on all things superhero, caught a glimpse of the Winter Soldier and yelled out "That's Bucky!!!" at the top of his lungs.  It was pretty adorable.  Kid should come with a spoiler alert.  This time, as we were watching, as they introduced a new character, he managed to contain himself and only stage-whisper "Daddy, there's Vision!"

Afterward we grabbed a quick bite to eat and then took Bren to a soccer game for his second team.  He got 2 goals, and it was something of a total trouncing of the other poor team.  I think the final score was like 14-0.  We've been on the other side of that, and it's so frustrating, so we were definitely not excessively celebrating.

Sunday morning we got up early and Mike and Nate put in a garden, while Brendan tried very hard to look busy.  The dogs mostly got in the way and went around behind Mike, grateful for the chance to dig up whatever he'd just planted.

Then Nate had a hockey game, which they lost, but he had fun.  Skating full ice is definitely a tough transition for him. I'm glad he's getting a chance to try it out before the travel season starts in the fall.  Also, instead of goalies, they used tires, and the kids had to shoot through the hole of the tire for the goal to count.  He hasn't yet mastered the wrist-flick technique needed to lift the puck up off the ice and make that kind of shot.  Frankly, neither had anyone else on their team, or, with the exception of one kid on the opposing team, any of them, so they were at something of a disadvantage.

After hockey we did some work around the house, and then after dinner we went down to T-county for another soccer game.  This one had a bonus girl scout contingent!  One of my girl scout friends has a son on the team we were playing against, and another one of our friends was there to watch.  So I sat in "enemy territory," to watch the game, while Nate stalked a groundhog and played with the little brother and sister gang.  Luckily Brendan managed to avoid fouling my friend's kid.  Despite playing a man down with no subs for the entire game (and three men down by the end because two kids had to leave early), they won 6-3, and Bren got two more goals!  It was fun, but we all basically fell into bed and passed out cold last night.

Full week this week, as usual.  Livin' the dream, though.

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