Saturday, May 2, 2015

This Weekend (5/2/14)

Sorry!  This is super late!


9:00 - Brendan Scouts.  Sorting flowers from the spring flower sale.  If you ordered flowers, they're here!

10:00 - Nathan lacrosse - JMMS

1:45 - Brendan is volunteering at Humane Society (or so-shee-etty, as Nate likes to call it).

6:30 - Bren is playing a soccer game with an Alliance-area team he was invited to play with.  I don't have a specific location yet, so if you're interested in coming just text or call me or Mike and we can give you more information then.


11:40 - Nate hockey at Center Ice

5:00 - Bren soccer with the Alliance-ish team again.   Same deal.  Call or text for location details if you want to attend.

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